2nd or 3rd shift workout friend

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Disclosure: This may contain affiliate links, meaning we receive a commission if you decide to make a purchase through our links, but this is at no additional cost to you. Please read our disclosure and privacy statement for more info. I have always wondered if there is anything wrong with completing an exercise workout after finishing up a night shift.

Will it affect how you sleep and consequently your health? This article will give you helpful insights for knowing how and when to exercise as a night shift worker. For the majority, working out after a night shift does not negatively impact your health, workout or quality of sleep.

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However, if a decision is needed to be made between sleep and exercise, sleep must always come first. The key discussion maker here is managing time and what fits in best with your sleep schedule. This article is going to show you how juggling night shift and exercise can be done. There is a heap of very technical research articles written about this stuff which I have referenced often throughout this post.

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Click on the following s to explore — 123. If not, this post provides a comprehensive, but an easy to follow summary which will save your precious time. One study did suggest, however, that if you complete a vigorous workout like a cross-fit session or a difficult cardio and strength circuit within an hour of going to sleep, your total sleep time could be negatively affected and it could take a little longer to fall asleep.

There seems to be an undeniable love for a morning workout both in the wider community and also from those whom we work with. It could be because the ro are less congested; the gyms are quiet besides a few muscley, single brief wearing, bodybuilders who could actually be great for inspiration, particularly if you lift weights and interestingly, the sleep post-workout was reported as incredibly restful. I should mention that for those who did a workout in the morning, it is not always easy.

But they suggested, that once you are in that fitness environment, with other motivated individuals, you might be surprised with how that inspires you. Well no. Why I say this is because all night shift workers, well all humans actually, need to exercise vigorously the huff and puff kind of stuff daily for a recommended minutes per week. After a while, you WILL crave exercise and feel pretty sloppy without it.

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So, when considering exercise when working night shift you really have three options in order to make this minutes thing happen. Psst you need to pick at least one…. If you find that you are not falling into any of the above right now, we recommend firstly, ask yourself why.

Your sleep will be better, your moods will improve mine did anyway… and you will have more energy throughout your shift, as crazy as that sounds. It never fails. Exercise is nothing short of a miracle. For those who are time-poor and do fall into category 1 referenced earlier, yes you will need to push yourself to workout after working the 3rd shift because there is no time to complete a workout later in the afternoon.

I am a big believer in quality over quantity when it comes to working out, particularly when night shift is concerned. Because sleep and maintaining good health needs to be prioritized, as we will discuss next. Therefore, being able to perform a quick, but effective workout is what I am drawn to. 2nd or 3rd shift workout friend key with working out after night shift is making it happen, consistently choosing a workout method that inspires you to go and being resilient enough to know bed can wait.

Success Tip: Have your activewear packed in the car and try to limit the other jobs on your plate as you will naturally push exercise to the side as these other jobs are generally quicker and easier to do. I thought this was really interesting and important to discuss as it concerns all night shift workers.

You have heard about our body clock, right? This can lead to massive confusion within our body clocks, resulting in a higher chance of sleep deprivation diabetes and scary shift work specific stuff like Shift Work Sleep Disorder, which you can about here in a recent, detailed post we published. So, where does exercise comes into play here? Remember, we are already behind the 8 ball where our health is concerned.

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Therefore, there is a VERY fine line between choosing the best time to workout and still getting enough sleep in order to function, both at work and at home. We need to go the extra mile to stop these often preventable health issues catching up with us quicker than it would with a worker.

If that means doing regular morning workouts, we just have to be very aware that sleep is still the priority and we have to do everything we can to make it happen. Bottom Line If you choose a morning workout and your sleep starts to become compromised — stop. Find another way you can fit in working up a sweat. We need hours of it in order to process information and rebuild and strengthen new cells.

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By agreeing to up, you will receive correspondence from The Other Shift. For information on our privacy policy, please visit our website. Check it out on Amazon here. However, if a morning exercise routine is working for you, your sleep and health, stick with it. For me and many others, an afternoon workout gives your mind and body the chance to reboot, rest and mentally process the day through sleep.

I find my workouts are better, I am more focused, have more stamina and endurance and I simply just enjoy it more. Sleep may not seem like a big deal but we actually cannot survive without it. Not survival like a shift worker without coffee but more like a human without oxygen kind of survival. Have your workout clothes ready and laid out by the door. Let the physical cue of your activewear be the first thing that you see after sleeping.

Simply finding something which gets you excited to move despite feeling somewhat of a zombie when working night shift is key. Regardless of what you choose, you need to make sure the period of time between either the gym and bed or work and bed looks consistent. Do you have a sleep routine organized or does the period between working out and bed look entirely different every day? This sounds very important and scarily official but what I mean is simply doing the same thing in the hours before bed…every time.

This allows your mind and body to know what to expect in the future and what role it is supposed to play. Despite being on the night shift and already confusing our body clocks as we talked about earlier, there is a chance for us to make amends and be kind to our bodies with routine. How are your poor hormones meant to know what to do when there are lights on everywhere? Here are the kinds of things to consider when creating a new routine for yourself particularly after exercising in the morning. Insider Tip: Wearing blue light blocking glasses can really speed up the process of transitioning into night shift mode if using your device, watching TV or being exposed to lights after a workout.

Yes, you may feel like Austin Powers or Bono from U2 but these glasses can really help you sleep by preparing your sleep hormones to do their job properly. I have wasted SO much time in the kitchen after night shift so I wanted to run you through a few things to think about when choosing what to eat and drink after nights and working out in these early or late? But before we dive in I wanted to mention 2nd or 3rd shift workout friend you might be surprised to learn our diet also impacts how we sleep when working the night shift.

Coming home after a night shift and devouring a big, fat doughnut and polishing off a can of coke or beer may seem appealing, but your guts need to work really hard to digest this while you sleep. Digestion slows down while we snooze so we need to be kind in what we feed our bodies before we sleep to make the job of the digestive system easier.

According to Dr. Axe an online health expert, we have about 30 to 60 minutes post-workout where your body is ready to be refueled. Use this time wisely my friends. Insider Tip: Eating something hot like oats or drinking warm milk helps encourage and induce sleep. There is a reason babies are given warm milk before bed…. Instead, stick to chamomile tea to help you relax. While others suggest that intermittent fasting is the way to go.

We dive into what intermittent fasting is here to give you a full explanation of how to do it and why you should try. Meal planning for the days you are at work, regular exercise, staying hydrated and getting adequate sleep are all critical in staying in shape despite working long hours. Avoid the vending machine and using high sugar energy drinks to keep you alert and instead focus on eating meals that provide sustained nutrients.

Here we explore in much more detail about the challenges of working 12 hours shifts and how to manage 3 in a row. Most find that sleep is not impacted in any way and even some night shift workers report 2nd or 3rd shift workout friend better as their bodies recover from a workout. Thanks for reading this post about working out after night shift. What do you do? Let us know in the comments below. Hey there! Together with my husband Daniel, we run The Other Shift.

Our sole aim is to help shift workers and those on unusual schedules find balance between work and life. about us and our story here. Is it also a thought to not workout on your work days and just work out on days off? Would love to know your thoughts! Save my name and in this browser for the next time I comment. It's probably hard to believe you're here. You put in the endless hours of studying, paid the tuition, graduated, and landed your dream job.

You are a Registered Nurse! This is everything Depression is one of the biggest problems facing the world today, yet rarely discussed in the context of factory workers. These workers assemble our day-to-day goods, and the majority are It seems that even running after night shift will not impact on how well we sleep. Can you ride home after a shift instead of driving? Dan wearing Aviator blue light blocking glasses from Swanwick Sleep — see website here.

Remember to keep your blue light blocking glasses on even when brushing your teeth! See what other Sleep aids are available from Swanwick Sleep — here. Check out this post too here. Choosing a healthy, filling breakfast after nights will stop you waking up with hunger pains.

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2nd or 3rd shift workout friend

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