3 jobs no girlfriend

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I'm 23, a virgin, never had a job, girlfriend, still live with Mum, Watch. Go to first unread. Skip to :. Report 6 years ago Get a job man. Posted from TSR Mobile.

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First of all, the majority of my friends are your age and still live at home. This isn't a problem really as long as you and your mum get on, and you help out around the house. Ideally you'd contribute to bills as well but as you don't have a job you probably don't do this. Far too many people rush moving out and end up struggling for rent, rather than what a lot of my friends are doing which is saving up whilst living at home and then putting down a deposit to buy somewhere.

Even if they live at home until they're 30, surely it's better that, and then owning their own place, than struggling to pay rent and not being able to do much else for the rest of their lives - because there's very little chance to save up when you're paying all of your own bills. At least with your parents you're sharing costs and some of my friends actually even live for free there.

So please don't worry about this aspect - everything has its own time. The job thing, why don't you have a job? Are you trying? Have you done voluntary work that you can put on your CV? Do you WANT a job? If you went out to work, you'd be much more likely to meet people, including girls, so that would help that aspect of things as well. You'd be surprised at how many people have what's known as a "quarter life crisis" at your age, where nothing seems certain and everything gets a bit panicky. But the worst thing you can do is sit and do nothing to change the situation.

Try your best to find work, even if voluntary. You'll 3 jobs no girlfriend new skills and help people.

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Perhaps consider going back to an adult college and doing a course that might help, or do an apprenticeship. You really are so young. My Facebook newsfeed is full of 18yr olds who are married with children, but honestly, this isn't reality. Don't race other people, do things in your own time, when they're best for you.

You'll reach 40, realise that you STILL have years ahead of you, and wonder why the heck you worried like this at 23! Trust me. Original post by Smiley face. YAY I'm a 23 year old male, never had 3 jobs no girlfriend paid job, left college at 19 doing useless course, never had a girlfriend, never had sex, never kissed, still live with my Mum your thoughts DErasmus Badges: 3.

Smiley face. YAY Badges: 0. Report Thread starter 6 years ago Original post by sherlockfan I'm in the same position but 22 and female. I know you might say "but it's easy for women", but it really isn't. I've never managed to attract anyone! People think being in a relationship is the norm at our age, I actually think that it's kind of a miracle when two people find each other and click, so dont think you're the only one out there going through this. I'm severely mentally ill as well so im probably in a much worse position than you. Because if you dont have severe physical or mental health impediments, you can change all of that.

Flying Cookie Badges: Smash Bandicoot Badges: 5. LadyMcCartney4 Badges: YAY Me too. Original post by sherlockfan Might I ask what kind of anxiety? If your condition is severe then youre not being fair on yourself if you beat yourself over the fact that youre not where you think you should be in life YAY bad 3 jobs no girlfriend though not diagnosed or even mentioned at the doctor's.

Lulu24 Badges: Wimbs Badges: 9. I know some people will not like what I am about to say But the virgin bit is easily sorted. Take a look in the Daily Sport and there are thousands of massage parlours up and down the country.

Most of these are actually brothels. Original post by Wimbs I know some people will not like what I am about to say Tiger Rag Badges: I feel sorry for you. Get a job then get friends then work on your game then get laid. Original post by OU Student I think things like this are only an issue if you allow them to be. I think the majority of people don't care.

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3 jobs no girlfriend

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