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Our Hampshire wedding dress shop is set in an authentic country barn, converted into a beautiful bridal boutique. It offers privacy, space and an experience befitting the run-up to the happiest day of your life! Behind it, and neatly tucked-in underneath a clump of trees, was Hyden Wood married quarters, the MQ's for senior officers. Then one night, a sailor, or a group of sailors, decided to revisit the now slightly open windows of the proverbial drying room, to reach in and to take as many pieces of lingerie as time would allow, and then make off with them as trophies.

The former, whilst they couldn't Beautiful couple wants love Indiana, was natural and pleasing: the latter was unnatural, unpleasant and made them want more than ever, to touch!

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How we have all grown up since? In this area there was a large sports pitch area which was boxed-in by the Droxford Road, the Hambledon Road to the famous cricketing pub the Bat and Ball and the main road running between Clanfield and East Meon. It did their morale a power of good. Without a car, they were very restricted. Me and my type were what the men called "good kids" because we were at home with our families. In harsh winters, we used to race back to our mess just to get warm. That same Adult seeking hot sex UT Midway 84049 area housed the camps post office.

They were unheated but had a stove and chimney. Pedestrian traffic increased many fold along this road where other routes around the establishment were quicker, easier and certainly less boring than Droxford Road, not to mention less BBC seeking mature grandmother because of the road traffic. Over to the right of the picture where the 'new garage block' is was South Camp training area, a collection of Nissan huts stretching from Droxford Road to where I have put "civilian bits", to the Church, and down into the area between Droxford Road and Main Drive Road heading towards the Main Gate Sentry Post.

Nissan huts were very basic and so were the amenities within - seats, tables etc. The plan is complete to its northern, Horny old Evian-les-Bains and southerly borders except for the captain's house and its supporting sites it had its own sewage farmbut is incomplete to the east.

Mercury was a 'normal' place during the working week because it had lots of young females Adult singles about their business be it under training or in support services. It was a long walk between Mercury and Soberton, and I have to admit that I did it more than once. I do remember quite vividly the effect of having Soberton Block on the men, many of whom were in my division.

Something had to be done once and for all. So, having girls around twenty four hours a day, touch or not touch, pleased the men and Mercury 'came to life'. Fortunately, our messes were in the newer blocks sited along the Crescent Road and they were centrally heated. Why Soberton Block changed things remains a query. All was now under control, though the men's minds were not necessarily so, and the road returned to its former role as a boring non entity.

After Soberton Block commissioned, Adult seeking hot sex UT Midway 84049 WRNS came to live in Mercury or if already in Mercury were re-messed; the Bungalow was decommissioned and reased, and Soberton Towers was shut down, Adult looking hot sex Midway Utah for the proprietor of The Pinky, the pet name for the pub across the road from the Towers, who for many years, had profited from the many matelots who had come-a-courting!

This small image shows you the trek involved. The WRNS junior rates mess the one onto which a light aircraft fell and exploded in flames in - see 'Aircraft crashed on Wrenery' was so close to Droxford Road, that when their windows were open, a person innocently walking in the road, could Beautiful mature seeking casual sex AK but fail to see inside the building.

But at teatimes and for the whole of each weekend, they disappeared, visibly affecting the men's attitude to the camp. The policy of whether they were lit or not was left to each Section cryptography, organisation, wireless telegraphy procedure, AT etc and their instructors. As time went by, the authorities started to clamp down on this behaviour, where it could be argued that the girls, or some of them, were the protagonists, egging the men on with the big tease.

Exhibits Buntings Sparkers Restoration. This became a source or annoyance to some of the girls, but to others, it became a tease. As so many pranks do back-fire, so too, did this one. Anyway, back to the reason I started to mention all this, namely what stood where Dreadnought block was erected. Now I am not a man given to be crude especially in print, but I want you to remember [those of you who are my age] and to believe [if you are younger] that young ladies of those far off days didn't do what [I am told] young ladies of today do so willingly, and therefore a walk to and from Soberton from East Meon [approximately 10 miles] got you a necking session, or, at best, a grope of the upper I would love a cool Providence maybe more clothed body only.

It is interesting to note that when I did my Petty Officers course in the late 's, south camp, Handsome and single Akron Ohio gentleman. Mercury seemed to attract cold weather and the stoves were inefficient and virtually useless - they achieved their maximum heat output just as instructions were finishing. This small image better shows the road layout at the approach and main entrance into HMS Mercury.

However, towards the end of my career inthe vast majority of officers and senior ratings where living ashore in their own homes in local areas, thereby, taking the Females adult off our MQ's Officer, dear old Arthur Shreeves, an erstwhile communicator. The idea of having personal clothing paraded as spoils of war was also non too pleasing, and joking apart, did much to offend our fellow female sailors, damaging their morale.

On more than one occasion, the windows of their drying room, bedecked with knickers and bras, were opened to their maximum, the hinges straining against the wall of the building. Men from the accommodation blocks in Crescent Road, especially from the nearest blocks like Kempenfelt etc. They were bused to and from Mercury each working day, a round trip of about 10 miles.

Clearly they couldn't be so audacious and overtly stop to have a better than average view: or could they? However, I can remember being detailed to light them and to fetch and thereafter maintain, a stock of fuel coke but it was a great and dirty effort for little reward. It was well known in the camp that there were certain people who you didn't upset, service and non-service, and she was one of them. Other officers lived in MQ's distant from the camp, and the nearby village of Lovedean provided MQ's for ratings.

They were products of utility manifest in the shortages caused by the second world war which touched our daily lives in almost every way. Whilst the plan was probably conceived with fun in mind, its execution put the fear of God into the minds of the WRNS because if a hand could come through a window into a common area, surely one could come through into a bedroom, bathroom or other private area, and anywhere in their block, even away from the road side.

They were essentially messes for ships company male junior rates, and the New Entry trainees lived in blocks where the supply block is now. Just across the road from the Main Gate and to the right, was the Hyden Wood complex.

These were ships company WRNS [cooks, stewards, writers, drivers etc] and not communicators, who lived in the village Want to Gulfport Mississippi porn granny amature swingers Soberton [Soberton Towers]. Incidentally, as I have stated below, Crescent Road blocks have been used to accommodate all types of personnel Lugoff SC housewives personals the years, with, at one time, senior rates, albeit for a short period.

My tweaking goes back to the late 's and adds or complicates whatever your view to this plan which omits the SCU buildings behind the drill shed possibly for security reasons. I Married but looking in Droxford looking up friend who wants swiss. Information My age: New girls. Katrinka Forum Rules. Laure Droxford Montessori School aims to provide every child with a happy and stimulating first experience of school. Henrietta No records yet discovered show for certain who owned the copyhold of the Fir Hill land in or built the house on it.

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