Cowshill smoke pipe shop

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A bunch of flowers is in the field. Brown border strip with a row of plants. Parts of the garland and of the strip are upon a piece of paper pasted over a discarded suggestion. ed twice, in ink '', one off the figures being preceded by 'V? She is holding a ribbon tied to a sheep. There are two other people behind them, and another group of three stands to the side. The scene is framed by a fringed canopy held by flowering rose vines.

Above are acanthus scrolls with dogs and a putto standing on a pediment. A row of cones forms an inner frame, floral motifs and ribbons the outer frame. The de features two fantastical peacocks preying for insects, plants, and festoons.

Blue flowers and yellow leaves decorate the rectangular pocket flap, and Cowshill smoke pipe shop branch with blue flowers and yellow leaves rises above and to the left of the flap. De includes buttonholes on the left. Verso: five yellow birds De for Embroidery, Gentleman's Waistcoat Pocket, Mademoiselle Calva, French, active late 18th century, Brush and gouache, pen and brown ink, graphite on cream laid paper, De for the embroidery of the left bottom part of a man's waistcoat or gilet featuring a pocket.

Arched edge. Frills sketched along the hem. Its fringed upper part is fastened by nails from which rise alternately a fantastical palm plant and a plant with naturalistic flowers. A bunch of flowers which is connected with two palms by garlands is suggested in the wedge. Ruf', Fabrique de Saint Ruf, Lyon, France, Graphite, brush and gouache on paper, Bunches of flowers are connected by a cord, a fringed bead chain, a garland with a peacock feather garland drunning inside along the hem. Ovoidal medallions connected Cowshill smoke pipe shop flower boughs are outside.

Written in ink: 'p ,' top right, 'po S. An ovolo, a leaf, and arrow leaf friezes occur. Bands, in one of which overlapping in another, a rising waved bough with leaves, seeds and flowers is shown; bow-knots are bound around the stem. Ruf, Brush and gouache, graphite on paper, Vertical rectangle. A bunch composed of poppies and other blossoms and ears of grain is shown in the wedge. Plants of poppies and cornflowers alternate among the hem, small plants grow in the intervals.

A row of be and a ribbon form the hem. Reverse: rough sketch of the bunch of flowers. Printed in blue. A narrow strip from a separate lengths has been sewn on each side, at top right and middle left Textile, Medium: cotton Technique: printed by engraved copper plate, Three pieces have been stiched together to complete de which shows; left, classic figure of man bearing a lute, under draped canopy; right, symmetrical foliage decoration with putti bearing garlands; below, right, large vase of flowers; and left, small medallion with putti drawing cart.

Body has a detached arrangement of small leaves and floral sprigs. Ruf', Fabrique de Saint Ruf, Lyon, France, Graphite, brush and gouache on paper, A left bottom corner with slightly rising bottom edge. Hatching and rinceaux, composed of bends and leaves along the outer edge. The pocket is bordered by strings of be and mossy arches forming ovoids.

Leaf boughs hang into the pocket and into the field beneath it. Ruf, Mademoiselle Montalent, Brush and gouache on laid paper, Rectangular corner, but a correction of the decoration as first suggested, intended to show a blue spherical triangle in the corner.

Five buttonholes are shown. Plants grow along the edges. A lilac grows to the top passing behind the oblong pocket. View of gardens across railings. A grotquest architecture and an ovoidal standing mirror are shown in the bottom part. Below the pocket, rising from the border, large flower motifs.

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Outline of pocket, with no de indicated. Ruf', Fabrique de Saint Ruf, Lyon, France, Graphite, brush and gouache on grayish paper, Five suggestions are made for the outer border. Two of them show chain motifs, one a zigzag motif, another one a string of be with leaves, the last one a row of feathery lozenges.

Stray pattern of four alternative des is shown, one of them is connected with leaf boughs. Center panel open, with blue behind. Below, circular pedestal table, with top intended to be adorned with blue and white medallions.

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The lower shelf has three legs and below shows a table and scale. Garlands along the bottom and the rising edges; chain festoons fastened to the top edges with clusters of leaves crossing them. Stray flower boughs. She holds a basket; woods beyond. Torond, English, Engraving in brown ink on white paper, The man, seen in profile, faces right.

He wears a cloth head-covering, and has a white beard. A fox seated by a basket and a harvesting fox are shown upon baskets, which are supported by S-shapes from which festoons are suspended around leaf scrolls, from which bunches of flowers rise. A basket stands upon a similar bracket, on the pocket. Top edge: bottom parts of figures.

Prudence, left, wearing armor, attempts to restrain Beauty. Above and below, crisscrossing rinceaux in white, blue and pink. All this on a cream ground. Ruf', Fabrique de Saint Ruf, Lyon, France, Brush and gouache on glazed tracing paper, Leaf and flower plants grow from the lateral and bottom edges of the flap of the pocket and from the edges of the waistcoat. Boughs hang downwards from the top edge of the flap, festoons and floral motifs form the bottom edge of the pocket.

An angel on a cloud floats above playing a trumpet. On the ground is a horse looking in the direction of the angel. Cowshill smoke pipe shop bodies sit on foliage. Ruf', Fabrique de Saint Ruf, Lyon, France, Graphite, brush and gouache on paper, Cards fastenedd together by bow knots form irregular lozenges.

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A standing bunch of feather leaves and a lilac bough, horizontally disposed, alternate in those of the first row. The lozenges of the second and fourth rows show two alternating floral des in oblique strips. Flower garlands hang in the lozenges of the third row. Somewhat more than one repeat is shown. Squared with graphie in opposite direciton. Flat domes cover with apple-shaped knob.

Gilded edges with small sprays of pink and green flowers. White, C. James's in

Cowshill smoke pipe shop

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Cowshill smoke pipe shop