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I dun'i think I'm very. V each Ghxntma. So 11 W33 with mixed feelings. Shu wAfr hiking very ducting and. Hut thr yt-,11 that had elapsed since 1 wan. Detain said. Iktdihc I d never lemrmberrd hn duinit anything tike thai at ftrhonl. The entry hiid appeared. Sbe didn't know, of course, that my fiimily ran adapi themielves 10 anything. It really remove S. LlmtTrv 1 " a-iLfd iVinlrr politely. I nodded. Digbv, seritip tlU at the driur, yelled loudly srruu the busy utrerl: "Busk, up, if yourrj commit. Sale in i he ihkH»t. DriTdre, I frli, iinuldn'i powibly ever be anyone. Ifr wa« nego. Ullltn li mmtiA be a duiiwh Trine, perhapi, for some people, hut fnrtuiuitely wr didn'l think no.

We run all ride a bit whirh b. The bojM i ame in nrrwhrrr, bul nolxidv minded. I calico to Digby, who ww ukitii: u" p'Hl in ibt- after noon'f events but wa» mnunied on a bntrnwed fcttrae WW IjHU ettjoylne himwlf and lowkiut riUhcr dnoraiive.

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Hut a» we w. Arattcriiig the fr» people neat htm. I watched, liorrrtied. His iwifl larrer was abruptly checkrd, and my yiwngrtl brother sailed grace- fully oi'tr hit head. I -tan »ttg»r. Inn- mil u t. Rochet's actress friend whv disap- peared, iraa actually mitrdered- Tim supports fha iwr.

M luil made a deciiinn w ur Jrnmc a lesson thai mom- utg And then slip mil fiffl an hour cm a private errand. In ji Eliot mufi icd Mury. She wanted 10 »ti- how iniirh they had rivtu in the world- Did Mn. You u it Iked. WKii -hi earth arc vrm tttiuig here? I should think, hfking my inquiiirivr nn«e in. Ihe in mi hniltrd down, holding' a paim-pot ihrti dnpprd rriimon.

I- tlir runt cltjMt unliK'krd? CtiCH it's all tight fnr y«ii tn in. Hi II cell you thr way round. I didn't. hater?

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How ullerly arinine he wqh 1 Al if ihe would ever Wilhoul finishing her thought. She thought nf El lot 't wife, Miiry. Tfierr a vKii-Lfritnnl prai tree. Wr'rr prospective enants. I'm puttins in a [. Drive yini rrary. I [jdn't it driven him crazy? Hni Sarah watai't pLMtteularly in- n-re'iU-il in it urn- did ulti: diurr dir pride of Feed for the fine flmir he nd l.

You mieht ihiuk I'm juM heini; faniiful. So he and Jronie went off togcibct juid nac found henclf with an ;i[ieinoon on her hands. The da. Sarah n wid c i cd To shelter in the 1. Jamw" Pmk und Trafahzfll Square? The drCDcc they lt. By then Jennie, die b"ped, would he a more normal child and ntfolig enough to to H hoot Olivrr't new play would be running 1 I ,m turiHt likely would he Mi m. They diuulvf smoothly on the tongue nnd leave a clean, fresh rAf.

Handy for the pocket or handbag. Price 1hj a packet.

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Indigestion, heart- butii, uVtulcMtTrj. Dt Witt's Antacid Powder givpi prolonged re- lief loo, by spreading a protective layer over the delicate stomach lining. Many than»iLndi cif stomach auffeicn. Obtainnhle everywhere. Or ii ronlJ haw bcru Buj-flf «« Rrid, though 3ir'» beeo herr loti til timet and nolhiiip't ever «onc nitssinn beforr.

No, hie muil be durliJ- ing that womaji Thnr jl- trruei, Tlicrr'll be more trnnblr. Look whai happened when Eliot was friendly with I Adam i. VlMKtM will be rnlrnaiorrj. She may rvrn tufTer from lapsn of mem- ory and not know what ihe hnd dude.

Had Eliot told her what he bad threatened Olivr-r hr tyOuW? If he had June lo, what wai il? Snnir- thjnii irrrihdr, by Verietin's ap- jM-jraiiLe now. Poor Eliot. She wai all diat, And vrt lujr she was run- ning down the stain in thai lur- tive, scared way.

Can't t help? Really, lt'i just Hiiot — I'm sn siiiry no, no, you can't do anything]" Oliver and Tim and Jrnnir arrived home together. We're jII ai huniiry oi huntrn. I'm going o. Sfie i. I'm bomr I've finiihrd work for the day. Starcy, I wasn't frisht- ened in the Llbamhcr uf Hor- rors. Uncle Tim said 1 wuuld be, bui I wasn't — wry" Tim held up w warntJig. If ihe has niKhitiuirei you run tilaiuc the cikrs that start ittade nut of tynthrtir siiwduii.

Or we'll be classy and go somewhere in Pit radilly, if you Mo? Ii- 1 had Burgess Rrid with brr when she came after dinner. Oliver brought them inlti the lounjrr. Hr had a trnse- nrn that hr couldn't conceal. V«d rrally diink so? Mie'i lv. You jie, area t you? Petunia, came in a little later to say she wits calling, and Sarah went straight up. But by that time Jennie wasn't alone Eliot was with her. Jennie, gripping the bed- clothes with clenched hands.

Wasn't Liking niurh nistice nf her father. Her eyes were enor- mous in her gnomish face, and when ihr saw Sarah ihe burst ioto tears, Sarah sat on the edge of the lied and took hrr itt her arms flrr embrace mingled tender- ness wilh satisfartiun. And there was the Lady wilh thr violets, too. I couldn't see Fat girl sex in Bani Thuwr face, but she was dead, loo " rlliot had trailed forward a lit tie.

But hr said nothing, and Sarah uavr her altrntion to Jrnnir "It was just a dream," shr t oruiortrd. His thin fluta looked rumgard Yet ctm- irarily there wai lunietbina w 11 tie And shy about it Sarah S'Mind h'Tsell luddrfily tetHaig mirnscly sorry for him. Strait hurried down tn the kivhrn When ahr came back F.

Uot WU lalkini; to Jennie and Jennie wai liitrninc with in. But we lived on the tdgr of tlte country and therr was i river.

Fat girl sex in Bani Thuwr

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