Hot blonde at Morgantown West Virginia frys

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Outdated or incorrect information? Suggest an Edit. However, this evening I ordered 3 Oreo mcflurrys. We tried to bring this to the drive thru workers attention, to which he replied very rudely "Well yeah, they were completely full when I made them, so yeah". He closed the window on us and walked away, and began talking to his coworkers very loudly about the situation. He threw our food through the Hot blonde at Morgantown West Virginia frys, and quickly shut it again. Sad experience, considering I am normally a pretty regular costumer. We got ature bbq bacon crispy chicken meals. At first we noticed there was no cheese on our sandwiches at all.

And my chicken was this flat thing cut in half and the chicken on the inside or what i assumed was chicken was hard as heck. So my sister went up to tell them there was no cheese on our sandwiches they asked if we wanted a couple slices of cheese when we said no we want new sandwiches because they are old.

The blonde in the black shirt said they probably ate half already!!! Which was very rude. I told her no we didnt eat any of it. She stated well its gonna be 5 more mintes to make new. We said thats fine. Then she preceeded to tell them in the back to use the fresh chicken for those not the ones in the drawer.

I was like wth. Not to mention the frys were hard as heck and tasted as if they were old frys double dipped to warm them up. Cashier were rude. Was on tour bus. Food cold and was not sweet. Not a great place like ours in petersburg west virginia. Weston west virginia mcdonald not good. The worker was yelling at us to hurry up. All the nuggets were uncooked and soggy.

They also tried to refund me the wrong amount of money and argued with me about what I ordered. Then a male worker was looking at me sexually. Then we drove up the road some and found another McDonald's that wasn't even associated with the one in Sutton, and they gave us free food!! U I had a small iced coffee and she got me a large one!!!! And fixed us our order correctly!!! Got our food quickly but had to spend a few minutes to find a clean table. After finding a clean table it took the employee 5 mins to get my sauce for my mc nuggets especially when there had been 3 customers in the establishment and they had been waited on already.

Worst McDonald's experience ever in my entire life. Would i come back absolutely not. Tables dirty, trash over flowing. Would suggest someplace different. They aren't even busy. Is the noisest one i have. Been in.

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And they mix are sandwiches. Stopped in here to grab breakfast at am. When we got our order, it was wrong. Told them, turns out it was rung up wrong, order 14 and got a They just looked at us and basically said eat it anyways. When we refused, an older lady walked up with an attitude, grabbed the sandwich and put it back on the warmer and proceeded to throw the burritos on the tray and said there.

Note, we paid for what the sandwich cost, which was more than the burritos, but didn't want to cause a scene. I figured if we would have asked, it would have caused trouble. Furthermore, I noticed as I was eating that no one was wearing hair nets, hats or had their hair properly put up. These ladies had long hair to their rear ends and were just whipping it around in kitchen. No gloves were used.

After witnessing the hair slinging around. I threw away the rest of my order from disgust. Don't go to this McDonald's, it is filthy and the employees are rude. I went up and asked them to correct my order and she gave me a nasty attitude and told her employee to go home if he continued to mess up the orders! It was a very unpleasant experience and I feel sorry for the employees.

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When she finally let him move, she spent a little time bashing her other employees and complaining about the heat to me. I tried not to engage with her. When I got to the window, the woman I've now named Ms. Apathy handed me my food. Been on a long trip and this was a stopping point for us. Cashier and management were very rude and unwelcoming. Fine a different place or another mcds. Cashier wantes to obstinate when asked to put sugar and creamer in the coffee. Cashier was very rude and hateful and it continued when she came out with coffee pot and spoke to other guests.

Do not visit if you are tired, eat and accidently fall asleep. Management wont care will just be rude. Similar Places:. Place Types. CafeStoreRestaurantFood.

Hot blonde at Morgantown West Virginia frys

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