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stunner miss Selene

Speaking of things that thank god they are back, Cannes is back this year and thank god! Last year was a dire year for movies in a lot of way, there were some gems but some of them maybe counted as TV Small Axe anyone? Hopefully this changes, though apparently the of releases this year will still be massively down. I mean, she probably did.

I can still convincingly pull off that joke right? Anyway, it is very me what with it basically being like red carpet nudie suit but sheet.

fit cunt Sasha

And she looks great. So today I want to fuck Candice Swanepoel. Paris Fashion Week is going and thank god! I have missed fashion weeks having events that people show up to and stuff. They are a welcome return for me at least. I am posting Jennifer Lawrence because she looked great at a Christian Dior show. She often looks good at Dior events and it makes me wonder is it cause they are giving her stuff to wear or does she step up her game for that? I dunno. I like a lot of her red carpet looks but her Dior stuff often has a different feel that I am a very big fan of.

So thumbs up on those. Today I want to fuck Jennifer Lawrence. Emily Ratajkowski is hot. Oh well. Unless I did post her recently and forgot. Today I want to fuck Emily Ratajkowski. Happy Birthday, America. After the last four 4th of July posts, I am just worn out and am going to mostly take this one off. I mean, sometimes you have to. Like Alex Morgan.

beautiful lady Mylah

There are a lot of Americans to be proud of and look up to and really the entire Womens National team is inspirational, in large part because they have chosen to be, which maybe is the thing we should think about America. They are role models who focus on trying to do the right thing because they chose to.

So I guess I am thinking about that, and how many of our athletes are people I can look up to and they represent my country as well. Also, look at her, she just had a baby a few months ago and one of these pictures is post baby. That is just sort of unfair. Today I want to fuck Alex Morgan. In this moment, I am posting Charlotte Caslick because the Olympics are fast approaching and a lot of my follows on social media are athletes I like who… would be impossible to hear about other than from their own mouths because a lot of the sports I find most engaging are just barely covered except for once every four years.

And yesterday and today there has been an avalanche of people confirming they are indeed on their national team and Charlotte Caslick was proudly displaying her plane tickets to confirm that yes, she is going to play for Australia, a thing that was never in doubt for her because she is one of the top players in the world at her sport. So in the moment that is why she is here. In general though she is here because she is really fast. Like really fast.

And strong. Now, I should clarify, I mean she can run really fast. We are talking athletic ability here, not quoting Tom Waits songs. Here she is again because she is still attractive. Today I want to fuck Charlotte Caslick. It dawned on me late last night that I have not posted Kristen Bell on the reboot here and that means I can post anything I want. Anything at all. Some limitations exist because of the physical but more exist because they are self imposed.

When I was a kid I wanted nothing more in the world than to own a jukebox when I grew up. Well… almost nothing more in the world, rankings like that are very hard but it definitely was going to be one of the indicators of success when I reached adulthood.

eye-candy milf Magnolia

By the time I was 19 I had a computer with over 3 weeks worth of songs on it. Way more than a jukebox. It was remarkably unsatisfying. And liked. Or thought was interesting. But it was too much, too accessible. I am getting older for one. I also used to want a mansion with in arcade in the basement and a baseball diamond on the roof but as I get old that just sounds like a lot of mowing and dusting. Today I want to fuck Kristen Bell. Hey guys, here is some Alysha Newman for you all today. I have posted her a couple times before and I guess I am just getting in the Olympic spirit early cause I have been thinking about athletes a lot recently.

I dunno why really. In her case I mean I know why because she posted that center picture and apparently is going to do only fans and I liked the picture. But in general I dunno, especially given the Olympics are a bad idea this time out, which hurts cause I love the Olympics. Anyway, Alysha Newman is hot so here she is.

cutie bitch Shelby

Today I want to fuck Alysha Newman. Dua Lipa keeps doing phtotoshoots so I dunno what choice I have but to post her. So here she is. Today I want to fuck Dua Lipa. Margot Robbie is very pretty and a good actress but I largely never think about her and find her a bit dull. I dunno why I just do.

cutie gal Adalynn

So I am not fighting it. Today I want to fuck Margot Robbie. I am going to start the week off with Park Da Hyun because I thought she looked really good taking a selfie in the mirror with knee high boots on. I mean, knee high boots tend to look good, at least on models who are built for them. I guess secretly I could be in some sort of Truman Show situation but it seems really unlikely because for one, I would probably have more followers but for two it would be the most boring Truman Show ever.

I spent a lot of this weekend napping and reading. I really only took a break to make tacos. Not exciting. Those are the legs you need for those boots. She looks great so I grabbed just some random stuff off her instagram where she also looks great and today I want to fuck Park Da Hyun.

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