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How do you get people to like and share your content online?

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That's the million dollar question, right? More social interaction equals more traffic. More traffic equals even more social interaction, which le to even more people linking to your content. That creates a storm of Google-goodness, and that gets you ranked higher in search engines. The snowball of traffic, social interaction and backlinks continues. But wait -- let's back up.

It all starts with getting people to spread content around online, right? How do you get people to like and share your content? What makes readers pull the trigger and decide to put their mark of approval on your article, video or graphic? I want to share you with others Berger, author of "Contagious: Why Things Catch On," says "before people share a piece of content, they evaluate its social currency. Remember going to the beach with your parents as a little kid and sitting in the sand digging for shells? When you found a huge, interesting looking shell, you jumped up and started showing everyone your awesome discovery.

Because it made you look good. Sharing really interesting things makes us look good. Buffer cites in one study, 61 percent of respondents said they seek to share interesting content as opposed to content that is important or funny. When we find something super interesting, we share it so others can see how interesting we are. When we share something funny, we feel like it shows others our sense of humor and just how funny we are.

So, how do you use this in your business? Give your readers something to say -- digitally -- that makes them look cool. For example, you'll share this article based on how many interesting tidbits you find. Because you want to show other people that you found a really useful article. You get social points, and it makes you look like the kid with the extravagant seashell. Tip -- Throw in statistics or little-known facts. People love s, and when they can throw an impressive stat out there on social media, it makes them look awesome or at least they feel like they look awesome, which is good enough.

So sharing content that stands for something, even something as small as a tweet, helps us look better by showing the world who we are as a person. Plus, it helps us feel better by supporting something we care about. You want folks to know you feel the same way as the blogger. If your business is practically unknown -- like the blogger example above -- what statement can you make that people will align with?

For nonprofits, this is easy. For businesses, it might take a little work. Anything he posts about cutting up credit cards and getting out of debt will get shared by people who share that cause with him.

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What gets you out of bed in the morning? What change do you want to make in your industry? What do you believe that flies in the face of what most people believe in your industry? Hint -- It usually ties directly into your I want to share you with others proposition. It just needs to be something you believe in; something you stand for. For a plumber, maybe your cause is honest workmanship. Maybe you actively stand against dishonest contractors, so you make your brand one of honesty and integrity.

Of course, you have to actually live that out, but if you do stand for something like that, your content will get traction. This sets you and your content apart. Is it directly related to plumbing? Not always. But your customers want someone they can depend on. Stand for something they care about. It's a good way to get people talking and sharing your content. Human beings are social creaturesand we like to interact in group settings. That used to only happen at places like church, school, I want to share you with others, parties, restaurants -- places you went. Now, with social media, we have that same type of group connectivity all the time.

See, social media is the modern group get-together, except that it never stops. But many times, people only interact with posts to make themselves more social. That needs to stop. Stop thinking about what you can do to earn a like or a share, and instead start thinking about how you can help people connect with their friends, family and causes they care about.

Your content absolutely has to either make them look better or make them feel better by helping other people in their network. After all, deep down inside, the only thing we like more than helping ourselves is helping other people -- especially our friends. Will that friend ever know you liked their post? Maybe, maybe not. Try this. Think about what it would take to get a person to share your post, then tag their friend in it. Not all content will be tag-worthy, but the ones that are will go much further. It should also go without saying at this point, but you must, must, must build an actual relationship with an audience in order to get them to like and share your stuff.

You can build a deep connection with an audience by telling personal stories, being genuine, giving tons of stuff away for free and staying in constant contact with them. Maybe you already knew this, but science has shown that people tend to get more out of giving than receiving. There was a psychologist named Liz Dunn who performed an experiment on college students that helped prove this theory. Dunn and her colleagues gave college students an envelope of money and told them they had to either spend it on themselves or spend it on someone else by p.

They found that the students who spent their money on others were happier than the students who spent it on themselves. What's interesting is the envelopes had different amounts of money in them, but that didn't affect the level of happiness. Giving to others -- no matter how little -- tends to make us happy. The same principle applies when it comes to social sharing. We love sharing things that will inspire, empower or entertain others. We like to add to the joy or fulfillment of others more than we like to gossip. Fractl and BuzzSumo did a study of the million most-shared articles on social media, and found that, of the top 1, articles shared on social, more than two-thirds had a positive tone.

How can your business use this? If you want your content to get shared, you have to provide at least one thing that's extremely -- not just moderately -- helpful or uplifting. It could be a quote, statistic, news, step-by-step guide or anything else, just as long as it is helpful. Remember to write in a positive tone. Some writers will write an article that has a positive topic, but write it in a negative tone. Bottom line -- You should write content you're eager to get in the hands of someone else, just because it's helpful.

If you can't honestly say that about your content, you might want to go back and add something to it. Entrepreneurs require more than just money, which is why we aim to empower you, as well as act as a catalyst for value creation. Latest Video Start A Business. Social Sharing. Either they truly support your cause, or they just want to look good. Next Article link. Image credit: visualspace Getty Images.

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