Is brittany and justin dating again

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Pop music's golden couple, they were pretty much the cutest thing you ever did see when they began dating insharing anecdotes about how they developed mutual crushes while working together as tweens in on The All-New Mickey Mouse Club he was her first kiss! At the time, she was just about to break through with her multiplatinum debut Baby One More Time that made school uniforms cool and parents aghast and he was hard at work on 'N Sync 's follow up to their equally successful self-titled release.

Theirs was a connection filled with all the passion and excitement of first love—"I was infatuated with her from the moment I saw her," he later told GQ —plus a heady rush of success, the pair dominating in a space also occupied by the likes of Christina AguileraJessica SimpsonDestiny's Child and the Backstreet Boys. They collected more trophies than they could possibly display in their shared Hollywood Hills home and even almost managed to make Is brittany and justin dating again denim on denim on denim look good at the American Music Awards.

They didn't, but if anyone could have pulled off jeans as formal wear it would have been music's flaxen-tressed power duo. As far as love is concerned, with him, too much is not enough. He's everything," Spears mused in a September interview with The Guardian. Like, we've gone through so much together and we've known each other since we were 12 years old. We know each other inside and out. Until one day, seemingly out of the blue, they just didn't, their March breakup leaving fans floored, confused and, in some cases, even a little crushed, the news tearin' up their hearts.

Decades before t split statements posted to social media were standard, year-old Timberlake and year-old Spears were left to explain what the f--k happened over and over and over again in magazine cover profiles, network television sit-downs and really any time a camera was trained on them. Almost immediately, cheating rumors formed, Timberlake helping to fan those particular flames with cagey quotes about how he "promised her" he wouldn't share what happened and his November release of "Cry Me a River," a tale about a heartbroken, wronged man that the singer said "was written in a time of pain.

For Spears, the struggle was more than just losing the person she'd been envisioning forever with since she was a teen.

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Everywhere I go people are asking how I am. Basically, as Spears reflected in an Instagram post last April some 18 years after the fact, "We had one of the world's biggest breakups. For Timberlake, eager to promote his new solo effort Justified "At this point in my life, if you really want to know who my girlfriend is, it's those 13 songs on that CD," he noted to Barbara Waltersthe post-separation press gauntlet wasn't all that bad.

After all, he did have a product to push, his initial single off his November debut disc, "Like I Love You," only reaching No. And if that meant sharing anecdotes about the heartbreaking end to his first-ever serious romance, he'd do it with a charming smile and just enough transparency for fans to infer that he was the wronged party. He certainly didn't want to give anyone the wrong idea, he continued, so he'd just share that he'd "promised her that I wouldn't say specifically why we broke up.

Asked outright about the cheating accusations, he told Walters, "Honestly, I mean, you know, we're not perfect. I don't judge anybody.

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In "Framing Britney Spears," the latest episode of FX's The New York Times Presents docu-series, we were all reminded how crassly the twentysomethings' sex life was discussed in the wake of their split and just how easily Spears was slotted into the role of villain. Timberlake could hardly manage a straight face when Walters brought up a quote Spears had given saying "good morals mean waiting to have sex until after you've been married.

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When asked, "Did you f--k Britney Spears, yes or no? By the time he covered Details in Decemberthe mag was proclaiming, "Can we ever forgive Justin Timberlake for all that sissy music? The age of enlightenment this was not. With the MeToo movement and terms like "sex-positivity" still a couple of decades off, Timberlake was hailed as a conquering hero; Spears, a questionable role model for her young fans. And though the "Sometimes" singer remained silent on what did or did not take place behind closed doors, she confessed to Diane Sawyer during that much-maligned-in-retrospect November interview, "It was a really weird time.

I was like, 'Why is he going on these shows and they're asking him and he's talking? Because there was little time for the pop princess to avoid the subject. She had her own disc to promote—'s In the Zone serving as her fourth release in less than five years. Only now she'd have to do it whilst dodging questions about her ex-boyfriend's music. Suddenly Timberlake had a runaway hit and Spears had some 'splaining to do.

Timberlake had reached out to inform her that he'd cast a lookalike to appear opposite him, but it was still tough to process. Seeing the video while on vacation, "I was kind of in denial, like, I went into this whole denial phase or whatever," she explained to Sawyer. And that's fine.

Still, she continued, "I know if I was in a relationship and something happened, I just, I couldn't really go there.

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But, as she stammered to Sawyer, "I'll let the song just speak for itself. A September Us Weekly cover asked, "Did she betray him," the text sharing that friends had alleged "cheating and jealousy drove the dream couple apart," and every move the two made from there was seen as a tactical move in their ongoing war. When Spears stepped out in a shirt proclaiming "Dump Him," Us Weekly insiders speculated the directive was aimed at Timberlake's then-rumored flame Alyssa Milano. A hang out with Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter? An attempt to make her ex jealous.

Then came the "Cry Me River" of it all. Despite Timberlake claiming during the TRL drop that "the video is not about her," it sure seemed that way. By the time Spears sat Is brittany and justin dating again with Sawyer nearly a year later, she'd all but been labeled the transgressor.

As the veteran journalist put it in her interrogation, "You did something that caused him so much pain, so much suffering. What did you do? Doing her best to remain diplomatic, Spears simply responded, "We both are really young and it was kind of waiting to happen. I will always love him As for whether she'd been unfaithful, she told Sawyer carefully, "I think everyone has a side of their story to make them feel a certain way…and I'm not technically saying he's wrong but I'm not technically saying he's right either. Technicallythat's the closest we ever got to an answer, neither Spears nor Timberlake ever elaborating further.

But the story continued, Timberlake referencing his famous ex long after she'd moved on, first with now-ex-husband Kevin Federlinedad to her sons Sean15, and Jayden14, then a series of almost Mr. Rights before landing on current boyfriend Sam Asghari. I think I was just not impressed. I mean, I expected a lot more. It's the VMAs, you know? And infour years after their breakup, when he was more than three years deep into his romance with Cameron Diazhe returned to the tried-and-true scorned man archetype, dropping "What Goes Around Comes Around" on his sophomore solo album and reflecting on his big breakup in a chat with GQ.

But at that time, you know, I fought back, and that's the way I fought back. I used my mind. I came up with a song.

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As an added benefit, his strategy helped transform his own curly-haired, squeaky clean boy band reputation. Timberlake suddenly became Trousersnake and he'd done the impossible—he'd become cool. That he'd done it at the expense of his former girlfriend now seems pretty undeniable thanks to the benefit of hindsight.

With "Framing Britney Spears" digging not only into her complicated years-and-counting conservatorship, but also the harassment and slut-shaming she endured following her split with Timberlake, even he had to admit he hadn't handled the situation all that well. As fans flooded social media demanding he apologize for using the narrative of their breakup to help launch his solo career, Timberlake issued a mea culpa on Instagramtaking ownership "for Is brittany and justin dating again time in my life where my actions contributed to the problem, where I spoke out of turn, or did not speak up for what was right.

Among those paying attention was Spears, who long ago let her teenage sweetheart off the hook for his transgressions, often using his songs as the soundtrack for her Instagram dance videos and even admitting that he remains on the list of her dream collaborators. She would never want her fans to release the hounds on Justin," an insider told Us Weekly of why she bears no ill will.

She feels that they were young and in love and both did stupid things when they were together. She was heartbroken when they separated, but it's not something she dwells on now. Instead, she's focused on, as she said"taking the time to learn and be a normal person," planning for her future with Asghari and doing her best to block out anything toxic. As she shared in her Feb.

Perhaps one day she'll be able to share her full truth. But mostly, Pinky and Stinky were just really, really in love, y'all. Trending Stories. Britney Spears' Major Moments in the Year Not that it mattered. The narrative had already been set.

Is brittany and justin dating again

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Justin Timberlake has finally apologised to Britney Spears, so why *did* they break up in ?