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Think you posted on here a couple weeks ago but I didn't get a response back from you. Interested in chatting sometime please respond back. I promise you won't be disapointed. Could you be the one!! Hows it going, so to be straight up i'm looking for a women who will show me what it really means to be in love and have a strong intimate relationship. If this is not your thing i understand. I'm just tired of getting treated like shit and and if i know there is something better on the other side then i know what i must do.

Blondes wants nsa Looking for women to night chill drink smoke. Sluts seeking for sex. Seeking: Seeking sexual encounters Relationship Status: Not important. Seeking: I ready man Relationship Status: Single. Pot is just about as bad as alcohol. I'd say alcohol worse because I've never met someone who gets baked, pukes, and wants to get into fights. You are past open minded, third chances, re-starts, for the and saint hood, now you are 'choosing to be stupid,' and used by this head. You are day by day teaching your that your worth is low to totally worthless and you get stepped on and used with ease.

That smell that's the shit you stepped in and can't get off your shoes and now it's all over your life, house. I do think a lot of the people who are pro-legalization are existing in a fantasy world if they think people aren't "addicted" to weed.

While there are no physical DTs or symptoms of withdrawal when an addict stops smoking weed, there are plenty of people out there who are similar to alcoholics. In college I had friends who were pothe who couldn't get by in a day without Ladies want sex tonight CA Sacramento 95817 a couple of ts or a blunt.

I don't think that sort of attitude is any different from the alcoholic who comes home from work and can't function without knocking out a six pack before bed. Yet to all the legalization proponents they say absolutely nothing about the person who needs to toke once a day, but completely admonish the person with a 6 pack a day habit.

A lot of the pothe I knew were self medicating larger problems. Depression, anxiety, etc. With the advent of our addled society with medications like Xanax which, I don't know if you've ever taken it or not but it fucks you up and anti-depressants I can't really why we shouldn't legalize another substance THC as an alternative option for people with these problems. Pass it through the FDA, regulate the hell out of it, and tax it. Create industry and tax dollars for growing and selling it. The few times I've gotten high during college have been less disorienting than when I've taken Xanax for for getting on a flight.

But also make it illegal to get high and drive, like you said, and continue to screen for people in professions that are high risk if they use marijuana.

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I wouldn't want a pothead doctor, nurse, fireman, EMT, officer, etc. But what I find even more hilarious is the argument that people driving on weed is any more dangerous than the addicted society we currently have. Soccer moms who drive while taking Xanax or Percoset for their aches and pains are WAY more dangerous than the guy who toked just before he takes a ride to in the Box for his munchies.

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I have a place to play. I love older adult want casual sex CA Sacramento men, but I am open. I'm into sucking, kissingcuddling, and whatever you are into. I'm 6ft, lbs, white, and have a 7" cock. If you are ready to have some fun lets get together. Ladies wants real sex IL Round lake Woman searching horny fucking teen sluts Honestly, I think you'd do best by yourself to completely remove your input from his other relationship. If you don't want to just walk. Rather than getting jealous, competitive, and not very damn much fun to be around, you should just state what you need. As as he's fulfilling your needs for, sex, and companionship don't let it be a problem.

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Ladies want sex tonight CA Sacramento 95817

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