Looking to Bow Bridge housecleaning for rope tying

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ALEE - The side of a boat or object away from the direction of the wind. BEARING — The direction of an object expressed either as a true bearing as shown on the chart, or as a bearing relative to the heading of the boat. BIGHT — The part of the rope or line, between the end and the standing part, on which a knot is formed. BILGE - The bilge is the lowest compartment on a ship, below the waterline, where the two sides meet at the keel, where water collects.

The inboard end of the anchor rode. BOAT — A fairly indefinite term.

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A waterborne vehicle smaller than a ship. One definition is a small craft carried aboard a ship. BOAT HOOK — A short shaft with a fitting at one end shaped to facilitate use in putting a line over a piling, recovering an object dropped overboard, or in pushing or fending off. BUOY — An anchored float used for marking a position on the water or a hazard or a shoal and for mooring. Usually U-shaped to reduce chafe. The classic cleat to which lines are belayed is approximately anvil-shaped.

A dinghy is often used as a tender for a larger craft. DOCK — A protected water area in which vessels are moored. The term is often used to denote a pier or a wharf. GYBE also spelled jibe - To change the course of a boat by swinging a fore-and-aft sail across a following wind e. HEEL - To temporarily tip or lean to one side.

Monohulls heel more than catamarans. HITCH — A knot used to secure a rope to another object or to another rope, or to form a loop or a noose in a rope. HOLD — A compartment below deck in a large vessel, used solely for carrying cargo.

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JETTY — A structure, usually masonry, projecting out from the shore; a jetty may protect a harbour entrance. JIB - Triangular sail projecting ahead of the mast. JIBE - See gybe. KNOT — A measure of speed equal to one nautical mile feet per hour 1 knot equal to 1. KNOT — A fastening made by interweaving rope to form a stopper, to enclose or bind an object, to form a loop or a noose, to tie a small rope to an object, or to tie the ends of two small ropes together.

This is important because yachts are usually charged a price by the foot for dockage at marinas. Typically marinas offer protection from bad weather, and have hundreds of slips for yachts of various sizes.

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Slips are rented long term or by the day. MAST - Vertical spar that supports sails. No hard and fast definition, but normally crewed luxury yachts feet or longer: similar to superyacht. While most motor yachts are Monohulls, the term typically refers to sailing yachts.

Often incorrectly called a gangplank. PILE — A wood, metal or concrete pole driven into the bottom. ified by Red. Opposite side from Starboard. RIB rigid inflatable boat - An inflatable boat fitted with a rigid bottom, often used as a dinghy or tender. ROPE — In general, cordage as it is purchased at the store. When it comes aboard a vessel and is put to use it becomes line.

Nearly all sailing yachts have engines in addition to their sails. SCOPE — Technically, the ratio of length of anchor rode in use to the vertical distance from the bow of the vessel to the bottom of the water. Usually six to seven to one for calm weather and more scope in storm conditions. SHIP — A larger vessel usually thought of as being used for ocean travel. SOLE — Cabin or saloon floor. Timber extensions on the bottom of the rudder. Also the moulded fiberglass deck of a cockpit. Also called a reef knot. The most advanced form is a zero-speed stabilizer, which works both under way and at anchor.

The main part of a line as distinguished from the bight and the end. TENDER - A boat that a yacht carries or tows used for transfers to and from shore, short day cruises and water sports. Also sometimes called a dinghy. THRUSTER - A bow thruster or stern thruster is a transversal propulsion device built into, or mounted to, either the bow or stern, of a ship or boat, to make it more manoeuvrable.

VHF - Very high frequency; a bandwidth deation commonly used by marine radios.

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WAKE — Moving waves, track or path that a boat leaves behind it, when moving across the waters. WAY — Movement of a vessel through the water such as headway, sternway or leeway.

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WINCH — Horizontal rotating drum, turned by crank or by motor or other power source also known as a windlass. YACHT — A pleasure vessel, a pleasure boat; in American usage the idea of size and luxury is conveyed, either sail or power. Superyacht Terminology Monday, December 12, info syca.

Looking to Bow Bridge housecleaning for rope tying

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