Loving for love in all the wrong places

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The character indulges in an endless series of one-night stands and impulsive sexual encounters. Consciously or unconsciously they use such promiscuous behavior as a substitute for a lack of parental love and affection either actual or perceived. Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places differs from The Casanova in that the Casanova is a predator indulging his desires and sating himself with his conquests while Looking For Love is desperately searching for someone who respects and cares for them.

This does not mean that Looking For Love is necessarily clingy or "wimpy"; they can appear to be as aggressive and self-centered as The Casanovaand the two can easily overlap. A variation on this trope is the unlucky variation of Single Woman Seeks Good Man ; the character nearly always a woman who is permanently on the lookout for Mr.

Whilst she might settle for Mr. Right Now if things are particularly bleak on that front, she'll go into every relationship convinced that "this is The One! Compare Ladykiller in Love. Though if the character likes to have public sex, it may overlap.

Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an. Nana "Hachiko" Komatsu from Nana epitomizes this trope: she has the worst possible taste in men, falls in love at the drop of a hat, and throws away the one good relationship she gets into with Nobu to stay with Smug Snake Takumi, who is also the father of her baby. In Red RiverPrince Kail has had many relationships with women, however, none have been long-lasting.

He has vowed to only take one legal wife, and since he's all but assured to be the next king, he wants to make sure that wife has the Loving for love in all the wrong placesintelligenceand inner strength to handle holding the second-most powerful position in the kingdom. At one point, Princess Guzel tells Yuri that Kail never actually fell asleep with any of the women he slept with, herself included, implicitly because he wasn't able to let down his guard enough ; therefore, the fact that Kail is willing to sleep with Yuri in both senses as in, have sex with her and stay the night is a HUGE that she has the qualities he's been looking for.

Boisterous Bruiser Hanamichi Sakuragi from Slam Dunk has fallen for 50 girls in his three years of junior high, and all of them have rejected him. Similarly, his friend and the team's Fragile Speedster Ryouta Miyagi has been hopelessly in love with his best friend, the Tsundere Ayako, but she's not receptive to his open affections. Curiously, the time they met Miyagi attempted to beat the shit out of Sakuragi after mistaking him for Ayako's date. David Kruegel a. Then he meets Dead End, who is really, really feminine.

The princess of TenguKurama from Urusei Yatsura. Every potential mate is a failure. Ataru is a pervert, Mendo turned out to be too pathetic and cowardly, Ryuunosuke wasn't really a man like she thought and Rei seemed like the one until she saw he was really an idiotic tiger-cow. The Wallflower : Main character Sunako's aunt.

Most every time one of her relationships is the main plot, it won't end up working out. She managed to find and marry a good man, her 'darling', in her backstory, but unfortunately, he passed away. It's noted she was lucky to find him, given she has no judgment when it comes to men.

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He learned to walk and talk to impress a girl Meowth, who was already in love with a Persian. He's also been hot for several Skittys, and a Glameow. His desire for a romantic companion has even led to him being tricked a few times; once by a Purrloin who was pretending to be a girland once by a Zorua who turned into a girl Meowth to distract him and help thwart Team Rocket's latest scheme.

Yuka Kunimoto of Random Walk has changed boyfriends three times over three volumes five if you count her middle school exploitsand aside from the first one whom she's now good friends with and the final one whom she's still together withthey all left her for a different girl.

Comic Books. Ultimate Vision : Of all the women Sam could have fallen in love with, did he had to do it with a female alien robot? Howl's Moving Castle : While the Miyazaki adaptation doesn't play up Howl's The Casanova tendencies quite as much as in the book, it's more heavily implied that his inability to take things like romance seriously is because he removed his heart asand it was thus never able to grow and mature. After being dumped by his girlfriend of seven years, Peter from Forgetting Sarah Marshall has a series of meaningless one night stands in an effort to get over his ex.

In Sin Takes a HolidayStanton doesn't want to be held down by any woman, and even gets married to escape a crazy girl. In Apparatus InfernumMikani has a long list of ex-girlfriends, none of whom lasted very long and almost all of whom are now on bad terms with him. His developing relationship with Ritsuko is a break from the pattern and is considerably more solid even though it hasn't actually gone nearly as far.

Aurora Cycle : Scarlett Loving for love in all the wrong places has at least 48 ex-boyfriends. Each one mentioned is also mentioned with a pro and a con, the latter being indicated as the reason why she dumped that particular ex. Johnny Truant in House of Leaves.

He idolizes one woman—a stripperto boot—but never works up the nerve to talk to her. Howl of Diana Wynne Jones' Howl's Moving Castlewho thinks he's in love but loses interest as soon as the girl begins to reciprocate. It's implied that he cannot genuinely love anyone due to having given up his heart in a Deal with the Devil. Despite this, he remains a sympathetic character. And gets better.

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Jimmy of Oryx and Crake clearly thinks of himself like this. As we find out in the companion novel The Year of the Floodhis lovers see him as more The Casanova. Diana Gabaldon's Outlander : Lord John. The author just won't leave this man alone. Lord John gets his own series, and still he doesn't find a lasting relationship. He's believed to be a casanovabut really, he's looking for "the right one". And after he meets Beatrice, the story's female protagonist, he starts losing his interest in any other woman.

Ophira Eisenberg's memoir Screw Everyone: Sleeping My Way to Monogamy recounts her efforts to, in her words, "build her own perfect Frankenmate" from her experiences "traveling from futon to futon and gathering data" until she met a man who wanted marriage and monogamy. Live-Action TV. Arguably Angela Montenegro from Bonesat least according to Sweets' interpretation. Martin Tupper of Dream Onwho went through woman after woman in an effort to replace his true love, his ex-wife, Lilith. The Following : Series Big Bad Joe Carrol falls under this in the first season when he honestly thinks he can convince his perfectly sane and normal wife Claire Matthews to reconcile their marriage after he is exposed as a Serial Killerstarts a murderous cult, plants cultist Emma Hill herself an example as she also is attracted to Joe as babysitter for their son Joey, has Emma kidnap Joey, and goes so far as to have another cultist murder women with Claire's name to get to her.

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Needless to say, he's delusional, and by the end, they are trying to kill each other. Season 2 has a particularly twisted example. According to her adopted son Luke, Lily Gray - a wealthy psychopath who fostered a large of children she raised to be killers- spent years looking for a soul mate amongst the homicidal maniacs of the world, one being a Serial Killer who abducted prostitutes and hunted them for sportthe most recent being Joe Carroll himself, whom she saw as an "artist" and lured out of hiding via orchestrating a killing spree in his Loving for love in all the wrong places in order to be his lover and patron.

Since Joe is a Control Freakhe did not take this welland the two end up despising each other. Friends : Chandler and Monica. Chandler tries humiliating hookups that never fulfill him or committing to women who cheat on him. Monica dates her parents' best frienda millionaire, and several jerks. They finally realize the love of their life is living across the hall and end up Happily Married. Jeez, it wasn't like they had to look far. Jay from Herman's Head eventually admits that his Casanova Wannabe behavior is really motivated by a need to find someone who loves him.

Especially for the viewer, who already knows where he'll find his true love. Robin herself points this out to Ted. He chased her when he knew she was the wrong woman for Ted didn't want Loving for love in all the wrong places, apprehensive of marriage, etc and continued to harbor feelings for her even after their amicable breakup. He pursued Stella who was still in love with the father of her. He went after Zoey who was married at the time and actively trying to destroy his career. His poor judgment gets called on several times by other characters. However, this was not due to lack of affection but due to indirect sexual abuse by her father.

It is presented as tragic rather than sexy or humorous. The thing is, though, she's portrayed as an extremely caring person who gets laid so easily in part because of her empathy and has genuinely fallen in love a few times, only to inevitably sabotage those relationships with her impulsiveness and pathological commitment issues. Her long-lost deadbeat dad gives her behavior a Freudian Excuse as well as a hint of In the Blood when she finally meets him and learns that he's a huge womanizer too. Dan Fielding from Night Courtwhose The Casanova reputation was revealed to be a desperate desire not to die alone.

Mark Corrigan from Peep Showwhose never-ending search for "the one" drives a lot of the show's events. Charlotte in Sex and the City is all about this. While not really desperate, she has a string of bad boyfriends and one husbandall because she's obsessed with settling down with a richhandsome, tall man. She also has a weak spot for artists she's an art dealer.

She settles for her bald and plump, but more or less nice and really good in bed divorce lawyer. Star Trek: Voyager : Harry Kim has so far fallen for a Borg, a dead crewmember, two holograms, three vampire girls, a rebellious girl from a xenophobic species, and was once the crewmate of a race saboteur. Ironically, this is the episode in which Official Couple Dax and Worf get together.

It also has a very strange Love Dodecahedron in it, with Worf lusting after the Klingon chick but eventually helping Quark woo her and Dax helping Worf help Quark and calling him out on not looking for someone more attainable her. Not to mention Kira and O'Brian feeling intimate whilst he was caring for her Don't ask.

The trope name comes from the classic early '80s country hit "Lookin' for Love" by Johnny Lee. I was lookin' for love In all the wrong places Lookin' for love in too many faces Searchin' their eyes, lookin' for traces Of what I'm dreamin' of Hopin' to find a friend and a lover I'll bless the day I discover Another heart lookin' for love. How could you give your love to someone else And share your dreams with me?

Sometimes the very thing we're looking for Is the one thing we can't see. She finds love in all the wrong places The same situations, just different faces. Now the hour is late and he thinks you're asleep You listen to him dress and you listen to him leave Like you knew he would You hear his car pull away in the street Then you move to the door and you lock it when He's gone for good Then you walk to the window and stare at the moon Riding high and lonesome through a starlit sky And it comes to you how it all slips away Youth and beauty are gone one day No matter what you dream or feel or say It ends in dust and disarray Survival of the Fittest : Rosa Fiametta.

Video Games. In the first game, Larry is just out to lose his virginity, but once he does so he finds it hollow realizes that what he really wants is love. As a result, each game in the series tends to have Larry pursuing every woman in sight in the hopes of finding Miss Right, only discovering her at the very end of the game Neverwinter Nights 2 : Mask of the Betrayer : Gannayev is revealed to be pretty much this, once you get to know him.

Loving for love in all the wrong places

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