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It might seem like a boring sex life might make married men and women more likely to cheatbut the opposite turns out to be true. Couples who are more sexually satisfied in their marriages, commit acts of infidelity at higher rates according to recent research. Social scientists are not sure why, but good sex in a relationship seems to result in some people searching for more good sex outside of that relationship. Initially, Meltzer and her team were just looking to broadly determine infidelity predictors. To accomplish this, the researchers followed newlywed couples for 3.

revealed that people who were highly satisfied with sex in their relationships were more likely to commit infidelity, potentially because they were more interested in sex in general. The findings echo past research that indicates people with higher sex drives may be more prone to cheating.

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Though the study seemed to correlate cheating behaviors with a a lack of self-control, Meltzer cautions again taking correlation in her study too seriously. More research is needed to determine causality. Neuroscientist Dr. Nicole Prause, who studies human sexuality, argues that infidelity is mostly determined by personality.

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That might explain why a of infidelity predictors such as sex drive or sexual satisfaction only check out sometimes. Conversely, couples who have a moderate amount of decent sex may put more time and energy into other aspects of their marriages, ultimately making those marriages more stable. Please try again.

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Married grannies for affairs

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