My body is wanting

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The much-needed body-positive movement is all about accepting yourself at every shape and size, but where does that leave those who still want to make changes? It seems you can't scroll through Instagram without seeing a couple okay, a couple dozen BodyPositive posts.

Some women show off their belly rolls; others show side-by-side "real life" vs. And you can't forget the awesome transformation photos of women who have sworn off restrictive eating in favor of accepting their bodies exactly the way they are. The body-positive movement is in full force, and the message is important.

The thing is, most of us aren't altogether ready to ditch our body-changing goals: We want to love and accept our bodies, yes, but we still want to build some biceps or get our body mass index to a our docs are happy with. But I'm trying to change my body. Her goal is to lose 75 pounds. Part of that is taking care of your body-listening to what it needs and giving it that," she says. And, sometimes, not all of the time, that means being open to making some changes.

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It just means that you're in the middle of a journey-and the path is more worthwhile than the destination," says certified strength and conditioning specialist Molly Galbraith, C. Galbraith admits that, even as a personal trainer trying to help other women become more body-positive, she struggled with this thinking herself: "I thought that if I wanted to improve anything about my health, performance, or aesthetics, it could only mean that something was wrong, and I didn't deserve love or embracement," she says.

Or child? Or best friend? As if the only way they might deserve your love, embracement, and compassion is when they are finally in a place where there is absolutely nothing you would ever change about them, and everything they do is exactly as you'd like?

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That's why Engeln often reframes body acceptance to women as simply treating your body as you would a friend's. One study from the University of New South Wales shows that people who believe their body type affects their worth exercise less-no matter their body type.

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Plus, "self-criticism and harsh self-judgment activate the threat and stress responses in your brain and body," Galbraith says. This flood of stress hormones, including cortisol and adrenaline, in anxiety, inflammation, and for a lot of women, emotional eating, and yet more body-shame-hardly a formula for healthy change.

If weight loss is indeed your goal, you'll be more successful in your journey if you treat your body kindly: Choices rooted in self-worth were more likely to lead toin one Canadian review. They're also more likely to lead to better health.

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Take body-positive speaker and trainer Kelly Coffeywho lost pounds through gastric bypass, only to gain back more than That's when she switched her mindset: "Instead of trying to lose weight, I prioritized making the most caring choice I was capable of making whenever I had a choice, not just around food and exercise, but around every aspect of my life," she says.

A major part of the body-positive movement isn't just loving your body, it's about shifting the one-size-fits-all beauty ideal we've all been fed our whole lives. Second, the overwhelming focus on women's bodies needing to be 'beautiful,' by virtue of being 'lean,' quickly becomes an obsession where we learn to place our value. If you're trying to lose weight, it's important to ask yourself why. They want to discard their current body rather My body is wanting take care of their body and treat it well.

So how do you reprogram how you think about, value, and care for your body? Galbraith says it starts with awareness. Instead of thinking, "I'm so fat. I've got to get to the gym," [negative], say, "I want to the gym because I deserve to be healthy," Engeln says. It allowed me to tune in to my self-talk, question my assumptions about who I was and from where my worth was derived, reframe my perspective, and shift the stories I was telling myself. For some women, those stories may still include the need to change.

For others, they won't. But true body acceptance is about making those decisions from a place that honors your body for the amazingly awesome home it is-no matter its size or shape. By By K. Aleisha Fetters February 18, Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team.

If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission. Save FB Tweet More. Aleisha Fetters.

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My body is wanting

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