My friends have become Kempton

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View privacy policy or manage cookies. How it works. Cory Kempton is organizing this fundraiser. Friends and family and anyone who has been personally affected by the Cancer monster out there, our time on this earth is limited and precious. Ursula Kehaulani Kempton is my wife and my best friend.

She is a talented artistan honest, caring person and she is the love of my life. There are no words that can explain how much I love her. We thought we had the cancer reoccurrance under control but unfortunately, a recent PET scan revealed some devastating news.

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We need your help. A brief history for those who don't know. Ursula was first diagnosed with breast cancer in at the young age of 27 at which time she endured a mastectamy, radiation and chemotherapy. For over a decade it seemed she was cancer free and out of the woods. Then in January ofUrsula went to the doctor regarding neck pain and it was then discovered the cancer had returned affecting multiple areas of her body. Neck surgery was necessary to replace several vertebrae which had virtually disintegrated followed by radiation treatment.

Eventually it was also discovered in her brain and again radiation was necessary. A healthy plant based diet and naturopathic remedies of every kind were introduced. Along with treatments with her oncologist, we had been able to keep the cancer under control. However, that suddenly changed over the last few months.

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The cancer has stopped responding to treatments and has become hyper aggressive. As a last resort, her oncologist is now conducting chemotherapy yuck. She started chemo for the second time in her life, December 15, She is a beautiful 41 years young. The cost of her treatment plan is enormous. So far we've been able to manage it alone for the last 2 years but we've now come to the point where asking for financial help is necessary.

Please contribute what you can and share this link with everyone you can.

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We love all of our friends and family and realize that times are tight for everyone, but I believe in our network of loved ones. If you know Ursula personally then I'm sure you want to hold on to her for as long as possible like I do. Thank you, and happy holidays. I'll be posting updates on her progress periodically and on Facebook yuck! Donate Share.

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My friends have become Kempton

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