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Knowing your status and understanding prevention strategies that work are the keys to protecting yourself, your partner, and your community. If you would like to schedule a test, please call Your privacy matters. Everything you tell us is confidential — your name, mailing address, and test .

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Test kit packages will be unmarked and discreetly labeled. To order your testing kit and to schedule a counseling appointment and fill out the online form.

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Free condoms, lube, and dental dams are also available via the Prophalaxis Parcel Project by completing the form here. This new web platform makes it easy to tell your partner they might have an STD. No cost. We also encourage partner s to be tested and learn how to stay health with their partner s. Sex Education digital tools are available here.

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Community resource advocates who care will listen intently and strive to help you find whatever affirming resources you need, whether you are looking for mental and physical health professionals, housing, social services, legal aid, or other support programs. We also offer support activities for people living with HIV. Information on living with HIV. Sexual Health Programs.

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email: [email protected] - phone:(262) 889-8815 x 2989

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