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I have add annotations on some of the violent deaths, information that was printed in the newspaper of the day. At the end of the deaths I have add deaths that I found listed in the newspaper, but do not appear in the death records. I did not try to change the spelling of their words. AdkinsonMartha J. Born: Forbus, Physician: Dr. AllredWilliam C. AtkinsonH. BeatyAberm? BeatyC. BeatyJames R. ChoateW. Occupation: Farmer, Physician: Dr.

Occupation: Farmer, Physician: W. Storie son of Sarah Criswell. Storie Wife of David Delk.

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FranklinGeorge W. FranklinS. FroggeO. HarrisSarah A. HatfieldMajor M. Name of the white man killed was Heath and the name of the one who killed him Langford. Frank Langford is charge with 1st degree murder. David CrockettGeorge Mace and W.

Mace were arrested as aiders and abettors, and brought before O. Pile and W. Smith, JP's. The case against W. Langford was committed to jail to await grand jury action. HindsT. JonesE. Jones K. KimbellAustin R. LawsonJohn L. MadwellIsaac L. MaloneIda, Date of death:Sex: F. NormanRoy J. NorrisW. He is charged with killing William Norris at or near Wilder.

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PhillipsP. PileS. PitmanAlbert E. Occupation: House Work, Physician: R. She was born October 24, ReaganAndrew J. Bill Bertram. John L. RichJ. Frogge, Coroner. RobbinsW. RodgersMary E. ShepherdMargaret C. SmithGeorgie A. SmithJohn T. SmithersMartha A. Occupation: Housewife, Physician: I. SouthHellia? StebbB. Pile, Coroner. The remains were brought to the burring grounds near Ligh Waters in Bufflo Cove and buried on Tuesday. StewartA. Tibatha Pyle.

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StowersJenny E. ToddJohn A. Roy Lockhart. Conatser Fentress Gazette Little Crab News Last Wednesday a woman by the name of Vaughnliving in the western part of this district was shot.

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She was a widow with three children and was staying with a family on the head of Indian Creek, on hearing a gun fired, some of the family went and found her dying with a pistol being on the ground near her. George Conatser, the coroner, held an inquest which resulted in the verdict of suicide.

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WhiteA. WinninghamUnk. Age: Unk, Married or single: Unk. Occupation: Unk. Born: Monticello, TN? Occupation: House Wife, Physician: W. Fentress Gazette ChoateG. He died of pneumonia last Sunday. Fentress Gazette S. Carney died he had suffered for years from chronic rheumatism. Crockett, Sidney died July Fentess Gazette Sidney Crockett died the latter part of last week.

She had been sick for sometime. They use Mrs. Hicks died his age was 81 yr. Fentress Gazette Local News Dr. Wilson died last Sunday.

Sex daten Pall Mall Tennessee

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