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It's Britain's first TV channel for eighteen years. And a very different channel it's going to be. By way of sports news, well show you new sports, such as basketball and American football. A full hour's in-depth bulletin from ITN at 7each weekday evening. Starting at the beginning of November Be there. Chris Auty considers.

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Who was 0. Winter, our first film critic? Stephen Bottomore unearths and introduces a remarkable essay. Telex: Printed in England. Tel: Arnell, John B. Oxley, David Samuelson, Michael Wakeford. London International Film School Limited.

Registered in England No. Charity No. See Sex girl Beattock wolfen on Drawing parallels between the actual filming of Local Hero and its subject matter becomes almost irresistible. Far from opposing the scheme, the canny inhabitants are positively encouraging, as they realise there is black gold in the rigs. Once the greedier elements were sorted out, everything was to go pretty smoothly for the five million dollar production, which is wholly British financed.

Unable to get it off the ground, he embarked on That Sinking Feeling with really no money at all, using a young cast from the Glasgow Youth Theatre. What would happen to a small community if it suddenly became immensely rich? That was the first comic idea and the story built itself from there. It seemed a similar thing to Brigadoon, which also involved Americans coming to Scotland, becoming part of a small community and being changed by the experience and affecting the place in their own way. But we were so far along by the time the Oscar thing came around that I have not felt any concern.

Chariots of Fire still amazes me. But fifty million? No, that really never crossed my mind. The most popular winners were, of course, the briskest and most pointed comedies. For once Britain, which usually shines at animation events, was thinly represented. But two crisp entries from St. The National Film Board of Canada was represented with an admirably varied selection. A Soul with Souls by Pierre Veil- leux revealed a mesmerising, exceptionally dexterous animator. But the films this year undeniably left a sense of some disappointment. Too many animators are becoming too predictable.

When they neglect their capacity to astonish us, they lose more than they seem to realise. Several rewrites later, it has become an even more ambitious film, a panoramic of the Communist takeover of South Vietnam after the us withdrawal in The Foreign Friend is a rather different case. For their part, the Chinese authorities provided location facilities, some of the cast and crew and throngs of extras in return for the domestic distribution rights.

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It suited Ann Hui to film in China because, quite obviously, she has no access to Vietnam itself. She based her script on many hours of interviews with refugees, and shot Sex girl Beattock wolfen areas of South-West China that resemble Vietnam topographically and betray some of the same French influences in their architecture. By working in China, Hui and her stars risk having their past and future work blacked in Taiwan—a territory that many Hong Kong producers still consider a vital export market. Hui accepts the risk of unemployment philosophically. But any competition for sheer audacity and tenaciousness would surely be won by Ros Sarkin, organiser of the London-modelled festival in Durban, South Africa.

She is very persuasive. Bertolucci, she says, was easy. Three South African films were shown to particular acclaim. One was Awake From Mourning, about the self-help movement among Soweto women following the riots. That has already been shown here, and the ovation accorded to Ellen Khuzwayo, one of the four leaders who created the Maggie Magaba Trust inmust have helped to compensate her for the refusal of the South African Government to give her permission to travel to London for the nft showing. And clearly Fugard on Fugard can be almost as dramatic as the plays themselves.

The Sanders-Brahms film was regarded at first as unshowable, being both pornographic and blasphemous in the eyes of the authorities. Montenegro was shown several times, with crowds battering on the doors to get in and students making up all sorts of unlikely reasons why they had to see it.

There are worse in South Africa just now. But turned up there to see Awake From Mourning, as did the Mayor and leaders of the community. Many of them enquired afterwards why no other films made by blacks were shown to them. The large and richer Durban Indian community, however, supported the festival well, despite the absence, again for political reasons, of any Indian product. Mrs Sarkin also failed to get any bfi Production Board films, despite several requests. She does not, apparently, win every time. This year the audience reaction has been totally different, the censorship less restrictive and many more people have bought tickets.

I do believe that the spirit of apartheid can be weakened by the sort of contact with outside realities that a good film festival can provide. And if black film-makers like Horace Ove knew how thrilled South African blacks would be to see his films, I think he could easily be persuaded to show them here. She must be the longest- serving member of the London film press, perhaps the only one who can remember what press shows were like before the second war. More exclusive, it appears, with the critics kept in stately isolation.

A film-maker, probably with no particular love for the critics, once called her the fairest in the land. There would be little disagreement anywhere about Sex girl Beattock wolfen, or about the responsiveness, openness and sense of balance which have kept her on a straight course through forty-odd years of professional filmgoing. She has, of course, always enjoyed films; which helps. It is not easy, though, to get Dilys Powell to talk about the past. Had she, we asked, been tempted to the flock of critics doing stints as visiting professors at American universities?

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Writing is what I always wanted to do. She married the archaeologist Humfry Payne, spent much time in Greece until his accidental death inthen came home to pick up earlier connections with the Sunday Times. In she became film critic, she says by the simple expedient of asking for the job. At press shows Dilys Powell has always been famous for sitting as close as possible to the screen.

But she makes the point that filmgoers and critics with these aids, and with the nft and its offshoots, forget how difficult it was when she began and indeed on into the 50s to catch up with films missed, or to fill in the historical gaps.

She was also, though not one of the globetrotting school of critics, in at the start of the Cannes festival in She has enjoyed it, and agrees that perhaps her generation had the best of it. Formerly, she made it a point to keep her distance from film-makers, actors and actresses in particular. As for the film press, on the whole she has found them a most congenial crew. We agree. Each year, as part of the London Film Festival, Thames will present silent films accompanied by a live orchestra.

Already it is expanding. But they Dilys Powell. However respectfully revived, silent films have been condemned to the most meagre kind Sex girl Beattock wolfen presentation. The intention is to present films of the silent era as they were meant to be seen in first-run theatres—with top quality prints, shown at the right speed, with full orchestral accompaniment. With due respect to Channel 4, which will eventually show all the films included in Thames Silents, and without whom the event would not be possible, the films were deed for big screens, large theatres and equally large audiences.

David Gill is the driving force behind the event; he works in close collaboration with Carl Davis, composer and conductor. The season is being established with mgm films because mgm have been notably co-operative and Channel 4 has contracted for six in a series of ten. But Thames will extend the range.

Sex girl Beattock wolfen

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