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It is unadvisable, not illegal, to send someone a naked picture of yourself. It is not legal to send a naked picture of someone else without their knowledge and consent. It is most definitely, absolutely illegal to send these non-consensual nude photos together with a letter degrading the subject of said photos to 30 folks using the good old United States Postal Service - but I guess that didn't occur to Sara Pharis of Sulphur, Louisiana pictured above.

According to investigators with the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office, that's exactly what the year-old did. Allegedly, Pharis put together the packages and drove miles from her home in order to mail them out from a Texas town just north of Houston. Shortly afterwards, recipients of these "don't-care" packages notified police. According to KATCshe was arrested on December 28th and booked on counts of "non-consensual disclosure of a private image.

If that was the end of the story it would be wild enough, right? Well, it's not - according to the report, Pharis was arrested again last week January 14th when investigators discovered that a second unnamed person's nude photo was also included in the letters she mailed out!

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No motive for the illegal photo-bombing has been released. In. Brandon Michael Published: January 19, Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.

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Sulphur la women that are nude

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Sulphur woman accused of mailing nude images of two individuals