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Something needs to be said about the melancholic? He lost his mother she abandoned him when he was young; his father left him when he was a college kid, and there is the bigger loss of losing oneself in the face of adversity — in this case: incarceration. You can subscribe for free here. But Timberlake does it convincingly well that you are left to wonder if he actually found a beat to the character — which, going by his largely unimpressive filmography, is a marvellous achievement — or if he pulled off a cheap-trick.

Nevertheless, you are always with Palmer, more so with Sam Ryder Allen.

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And what a brilliant find Ryder Allen is. He lives with his grandmother Vivian June Squibb in a quaint suburb. We learn that Vivian has been taking care of her economically-backward neighbours, Shelly June Templea junkie, and her son Sam, who live in a trailer, and she needs to feed one more person. Their worlds collide when Shelly leaves Sam and the responsibility falls on Vivian — not the first time, though.

It is more mellow-drama here.

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But that is another thing; you are not asked to follow the plot because you are invested in Palmer and Sam. Often bearing the weight of his past, Palmer finds a sense of purpose in life when he develops a fatherly-relationship with Sam, the neighbourhood.

Later, the principal of a highschool, a catholic himself, gives him a job as janitor because he believes in second chances. These are not the only thre that tie their lives. They both become the butt of jokes for the larger society. That he try changing.

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In a way, both Palmer and Sam are told to behave in a certain way that is appropriated by the Others. There is a fascinating scene that conveys the idea of adjusting.

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It is devastating yet so casually done. In all its sweetness, I wish the film had a little more friction going around.

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It established nothing. She is here, but never really here. Hey, I like these sugary films. Our code of editorial values. Entertainment Reviews.

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