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In a cross-cultural analysis, Washington State University researchers found several factors may have played a role in building the mutually beneficial relationship between humans and dogs, including temperature, hunting and surprisingly—gender. They were more likely to be included in family life, treated as subjects of affection and generally, people had greater regard for them.

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While dogs are the oldest, most widespread domesticated animal, very few anthropologic studies have directly focused on the human relationship with canines. Yet when the WSU researchers searched the extensive collection of ethnographic documents in the Human Relations Area Files database, they found thousands of mentions of dogs. Ultimately, they located data from more than ethnographers writing on traditional, subsistence-level societies from all over the globe.

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Looking at these cultures can provide insight into how the dog-human relationship developed, Chambers said. Another prevalent trend involved the environment: the warmer the overall climate, the less useful dogs tended to be to humans. We saw this trend that they had less utility to humans in warmer environments.

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Quinlan noted there were some exceptions to this with a few dog-loving cultures in the tropics, but it was a fairly consistent trend. Hunting also seemed to strengthen the dog-human connection.

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Those values declined, however, when food production increased whether it was growing crops or keeping livestock. This finding seemed to go against the commonly held perception of herding dogs working in concert with humans, but Quinlan noted that in many cultures, herding dogs often work alone whereas hunting requires a more intense cooperation.

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This study adds evidence to the evolutionary theory that dogs and humans chose each other, rather than the older theory that humans intentionally sought out wolf pups to raise on their own. Either way, there have been clear benefits for the dogs, Chambers said. They have hitched themselves to us and followed us all over the world. Allen School for Global Animal Health, rquinlan wsu.

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Women influenced coevolution of dogs and humans