Want it where hubby won t put it

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At any moment in time, most working moms could recite dozens of tasks that need to get done, from replenishing the paper towel stash to booking long overdue haircut appointments for the kids to sending a birthday card to dear Aunt Sharon. That's our mental load. But ask a dad what needs to get done, and you might be met with silence. Since women are battling against years of conditioning, we can feel hopeless that our guys will ever remember to do more that benefits the whole family.

We all want our husbands to help out more without having to nag them. But the wives below have found success with getting their husbands to do what needs to be done—without asking more than that first time, anyway. Try their tricks on your spouse to lighten your mental load and help out more. Make lists. I write out things that nag at me, but that he could easily do without my needing to follow behind him and clean up after him such as: Take out garbage every night, look behind himself after showering and pick clothes up off the floor, empty dishwasher in the morning before work while waiting for coffee to brew.

Honestly, it's the little stuff that is a big help. Get him to admit when he has bandwidth to do more. Sometimes, he really can't. He has big presentations to prepare for. But when he can, see 3. Since I was so sick, I would cry to him and say please either take our daughter somewhere or deal with her alone when I get home. Since then, I haven't really had to ask for help. Give him an ultimatum. He could either stay and be a parent and husband, or he could go. Since then, he has done his part with the kids, the house and dinner.

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Sure, sometimes I would like to give it a scrub-down when he doesn't clean it as well or as often as I might, but I try not to think about the kitchen anymore. It's about taking ownership, which sometimes means giving it up. Play up his strengths. I don't need his logistical brainpower for much else. Make him the master of his domain.

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For my husband, among other things, it was ing up the kids for sports teams and making sure that all the arrangements around those were in place. I never got involved, so it was clear to him that he couldn't expect me to pick up any slack. It's not asking. It's not telling.

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It's just leaving him to deal with the situation however he wants. Give him credit where credit is due. Follow us facebook twitter pinterest instagram youTube rss. This is how it should be, ladies. Tags: mental load Family Work-Life Balance. More Stories.

Want it where hubby won t put it

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Why I’m Done Asking My Husband To Help Me Out